The Coinbase Mission, Vision & Strategy

Three years ago, Brian Armstrong published the Coinbase Secret Master Plan. Though much of it still holds true today, a lot has changed in the world of crypto. This week, Coinbase hosted an open house where Brian shared an update on the mission, vision, and strategy at Coinbase. In the spirit of “default to open,” which is an important part of our culture, Brian also wanted to share that talk here. At Coinbase, our mission is to build an open financial system — that’s the work we do every day. When it comes to our vision, the kind of world we want to help create, it has become increasingly clear that what we are really working toward is increasing economic freedom, a measurable concept that can be greatly improved by the adoption of cryptocurrency. In this video, Brian defines economic freedom, talks about how crypto can increase it, and how Coinbase will contribute to this goal in the coming years.