The REAL fight over AI art

Why DALLE, Midjourney, and other AI image generation tools are so controversial…

You’ve probably heard about the AI that can make any image you want. With these, anyone can make art in seconds. Artists, understandably, have concerns about that. This technology has quickly become VERY controversial.

Since we got access to DALLE-2 a few weeks ago, my friend Justin and I have been sending our creations back and forth. It’s a lot of fun. Justin is a designer and animator who works with me on Huge If True. He’s an artist. I’m… not so much. What I noticed as Justin and I were making these is: His were way better than mine! It didn’t feel like the AI was leveling the playing field between us. It felt like it was giving me new skills, but it was giving HIM superpowers.

So, we set up a little competition to test that… and you voted on the results.

Along the way, we’ll explain how these artificial intelligence image generation tools (DALLE-2, Midjourney, stable diffusion, and more) really work, why they’re so controversial, and why they matter for our future.