Tokenization of assets: Starting with the oldest commodity – Beer

Florian Krueger and Florian Bollen present at CC Forum Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre London.

The Craft Coin Company aims to create a future where small and medium-sized companies have access to alternative funding mechanisms. This allows them to grow sustainably, ultimately growing in a way that benefits the people, our planet and the profitability of their venture.

The inaugural coin, The Craft Beer Coin (CBC), went live in 2019 and is a transactional, asset-backed digital currency that enables fresh local beer purchase via the holders’ smartphone. A coin is always underwritten by a fresh pint of craft beer.

Their ‘asset backed’ Craft Coins are designed as currencies that enable digital business ecospheres to leverage modern distributed ledger technologies.

‘Asset backed’ means that the coins are not ‘stores of value’ like Bitcoin, but rather are backed by and facilitate transactions around real products and services with a value understood by everyone: a pint of craft beer. Future craft coin offerings will underpin foods and other craft products, helping to create and distribute quality sustainable products with foundations built around modern digital coins and currencies.