Welcome to DeepMind: Embarking on one of the greatest adventures in scientific history

At DeepMind, we’re embarking on one of the greatest adventures in scientific history. Our mission is to solve intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity.

To make this possible, we bring together scientists, designers, engineers, ethicists, and more, to research and build safe artificial intelligence systems that can help transform society for the better.

By combining creative thinking with our dedicated, scientific approach, we’re unlocking new ways of solving complex problems and working to develop a more general and capable problem-solving system, known as artificial general intelligence (AGI). Guided by safety and ethics, this invention could help society find answers to some of the most important challenges facing society today.

We regularly partner with academia and nonprofit organisations, and our technologies are used across Google devices by millions of people every day. From solving a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology with AlphaFold and synthesising voices with WaveNet, to mastering complex games with AlphaZero and preserving wildlife in the Serengeti, our novel advances make a positive and lasting impact.

Incredible ideas thrive when diverse people join together. With headquarters in London and research labs in Paris, New York, Montreal, Edmonton, and Mountain View, CA, we’re always looking for great people from all walks of life to join our mission.