What’s the Distinction Between Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

Learn about the distinction between artificial intelligence and machine learning in this short Q&A with Dr. Nicko van Someren, CTO at Absolute. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the area of computer science tasked with making computers behave in ways that normally require human intelligence. AI is used across industries, for example, to automate repetitive tasks or improve customer experiences. What is machine learning? Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI and refers to machines that can learn on their own and adjust themselves based on new and historical data. ML algorithms look at vast data sets to determine patterns and identify outliers. With outliers defined, ML finds better ways to detect them more quickly and uses an understanding of the actions that were taken in response to these outliers in the past to proactively propose the same when a similar outlier is detected in the future. In machine learning models, machines learn on their own without being explicitly programmed.