6 warehouse robots that are reshaping the industry

The future will be fully automated. That is, at least in the case of warehouses. Today, warehouses all around the world have a large number of robots working for them, helping them to accomplish tasks more safely and efficiently.

These active robots combine the finest of science, technology, and engineering to become extremely useful machines that manufacture the vast majority of the products you use every day.

They are the future. It is automation at its most effective, and it creates some pretty amazing results in the process.

Do you want to see what these robots are capable of? We bring you live-action footage of some of the best warehouse robots.

There’s Amazon’s robot army, which can number up to 500 robots and is responsible for assembling consumer orders. They use a conveyor belt to move between hundreds of zip codes and load packages into delivery trucks as they pass along the track.

The Shentong Express factory robots are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sorting through 200,000 parcels every day in the world’s largest completely automated sorting facility. Approximately 300 billion route combinations covering an area of 21,000 square feet are calculated in total by the team (2,000 sq m).

The SqUID robots that make up the BionicHIVE are based on the worker bee. There is no limit to where these robots can go in a warehouse and pick up or place boxes weighing up to 32 pounds (15 kg).