Marketing Trends 2020: Artificial Intelligence & Google Smart Bidding

In 2017, Google announced that are now an AI-first company. They have been working on a number of different areas using AI technology, with smart bidding being one of them. If you are not already using smart bidding, then you need to get on it now. Smart Bidding is type of PPC campaign that automatically adjusts to the current situation of your consumer. Typical signals that would automatically adjust the bid are time of day, location, device, language and OS. And it also tracks cookies and historical data of the individual. Today, Google is available through various touchpoints and devices. Load of applications are using Google services and devices like smart speakers, smart TVs and smart fridges are all using the Google. Through these touchpoints and devices, Google is gathering so much data that they can use to provide a personalized service. So What Does Google Know? Well, they know quite a lot. They know: -How many searches you made -What Youtube videos you watch -What websites you use -Your contacts -Your locations -And much more… Google will use this information to adjust your bids so that you get a better ROI. Also, Google smart bidding will provide you with up-to-date analytics information about how your campaigns are performing. So you can adjust your budget to get a higher revenue.